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Archived News from July 2022

31st July 2022 22:19

John and Carolyn Radford writing in The Stag, the official magazine of Mansfield Town Football Club, July 2022

"We are often asked about the potential renovation of the Bishop Street Stand and it is perhaps worth reiterating our standpoint. I still maintain that when we are promoted to League One we will reward ourselves by renovating the Bishop Street Stand.

"In this eventuality, we would look to build a terracing stand to host around 1500 to 2000 supporters, similar to Salford or Harrogate.

"Elsewhere, in February 2018, some of you may recall us unveiling plans for a new Hampton by Hilton Hotel at One Call Stadium. In retrospect, it was perhaps a blessing in disguise that we did not move forwards with the plans at the pace with which we originally intended, as the COVID-19 pandemic would have had a huge impact on its start-up.

"Right now and subject to us being promoted in the near future, the redevelopment of the Bishop Street Stand would be the priority of the two."



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