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14th May 2022 0:05

John and Carolyn Radford interview with BBC Radio Nottingham, 12 May 2022

John: Missing out last time (3 years ago) deflated us completely. This time it's different. We've come from behind.

Carolyn: Nigel knows exactly what he's doing. And David Sharpe at the helm has been a really good calming influence.

John: For Mansfield with Nigel Clough, the fans are behind him, the board's completely behind him, the whole town's behind him. He understand us and we understand him.

Carolyn: We've got the best average gate for 20 years this season. The fans have been fantastic through the tough times we had at the beginning of the season, they stood behind the manager and the football club. We want to make them proud.

John: It helps having quality people at the helm like Nigel and David Sharpe. The more quality you've got, the more chance of succeeding. The training ground is going from strength to strength. We're hoping that one day we'll bring our own players through. David's taken a team to the Premiership. It's good to have someone like David there. He's got contacts where we might just get a favour every now and again.

Carolyn: It's my 40th birthday on the playoff final day at Wembley ... so do I believe in fate? ... I can't plan anything yet.

John: We'd like to see that (get promoted at Wembley). But if it doesn't happen, we'll go on as another year.

Full interview at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0c6hx84?fbclid=IwAR1rVIH_1uGoD5emP4YdZiaTA7rPAMcg8OSVtF5l_vDDyUxp29y2jbdBR5w