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23rd April 2021 22:26

A good, solid team performance - boss
mansfieldtown.net, Tuesday 20th April 2021

Manager Nigel Clough says ‘everyone did their jobs’ as the Stags secured Sky Bet League Two safety with a dominant 3-0 win over Scunthorpe United at One Call Stadium.

Goals from George Lapslie, James Perch and Tyrese Sinclair sentenced the Iron to defeat, ensuring the amber and blue will remain in the EFL for 2021/22.

The boss says achieving safety is cause for ‘minor celebration,’ with the Stags’ ultimate ambitions being far above simply remaining in the league.

“It [achieving safety] is cause for celebration - minor celebration - as it’s not the extent of our ambitions, but it’s nice to do it with three games to go,” he told iFollow Stags.

“You saw that belief from the players tonight in the way we played. I thought we controlled the game from start to finish.

“We wanted to dominate the game and wanted to score goals. The only disappointing thing is that it was 1-0 for so long. We could’ve scored five or six tonight.


“It was a great goal [by Lapslie] with his timing of the run into the box. He [Perch] is enjoying his position at right-back, and he scored one and made two tonight.

“He’s trying to score [for the third goal] and it’s a mis-hit across the goal! But it was good for Ty [Sinclair] to read it and be in there. Perchy definitely says he meant it.

“It was a good, solid team performance and everyone did their jobs. Everyone played well tonight.

“The confidence and belief that we got - although we weren’t mathematically there - from the result on Saturday, we could go out and enjoy [tonight].”

Nigel Clough says he feels ‘relief’ to earn safety with games still remaining in the season, matches in which he plans ‘have a look at’ some younger players in Mansfield’s squad.

“[I feel] relief that we’ve got the job done. It shouldn’t have taken this long, but for various reasons [it did],” he added.

“We were talking [to the players] about the five-game winning run that we had, and how that got upset by the break.

“It really broke our momentum and we’ve been trying to pick it up again ever since then.

“We’re delighted that we’re safe, but this is not the extent of our ambitions. It’s just very important to survive, in order to build for next season.

“We didn’t win enough, and we should’ve won more, but we didn’t lose a lot. It’s important to keep getting those points and keep the bottom two away from you.

“We can hopefully have a look at two or three of the young lads, certainly Jamie Pardington, who we want to give a game to.

“James Clarke is another one who has been very patient this season and trained [well]. Jaden Charles [as well], they’re the main three we want to have a look at.

“We’ll certainly get Kellan [Gordon] more time and Jason Law. It was good to see the youngsters at the end of the game as well.”

Elsewhere in football this evening, faltering plans of a proposed European Super League dominated the headlines.

The boss discussed the apparent collapse of these plans, adding: “Good [that European Super League plans are falling apart]. So they should. I’m not sure how it got this far.

“The fact that the people who make these decisions don’t anticipate this sort of reaction and backlash, I think says an awful lot about how out of touch they are.

“You couldn’t repeat it [what Brian Clough would think]. He would’ve been very dismayed with how football has gone in the last 20 years, with greed being the overriding factor.”

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Nigel Clough relieved to achieve safety target at last
chad.co.uk, By John Lomas, Tuesday 20th April 2021

Mansfield Town manager Nigel Clough achieved his aim for the season of keeping Stags in the Football League at last with tonight's one-sided 3-0 home victory over Scunthorpe United.

But he won't be cracking open any champagne,

“It is only cause for a minor celebration as it's not the extent of our aspirations or ambition,” he said.

“But it's nice to do it with three games to go and we're not sweating going into the final two weeks of the season.


“I think you saw that belief from the players tonight. We controlled it from start to finish which was brilliant.

“The only disappointing thing was it was only 1-0 for so long. We could have scored five or six tonight.

“Perchy (James Perch) scored one and made two tonight. He was exceptionally good and he's enjoying it.

“It was a good, solid team, job. Everyone played well and did their jobs.

“The confidence and relief from Saturday's result saw us go out and enjoy it tonight.”

When Clough came into the club in November Stags were struggling and his first target was survival.

“I feel relieved we've got the job, but it shouldn't have taken this long,” he said.

“We had a five game winning run but I think the break in playing games really broke our momentum.

“But you have to survive to be able to build for next season.

“It was important we lost so few games, though we didn't win enough but we should have done.”

Stags now have three games left, starting at Salford City on Saturday and Clough added: “Hopefully we can have a look at two or three of the younger lads and have a look at Jamie Pardington in goal.

“But we won't throw those last three games away - we want to win.”


Nigel Clough delighted to see English withdrawal from European Super League
chad.co.uk, By John Lomas, Tuesday 20th April 2021

Mansfield Town manager Nigel Clough was delighted to see the six English clubs withdraw from the controversial proposed European Super League last night.

The six Premier League rebel clubs all changed their minds after seeing the depth of feeling against the league from fans.

On being told of their withdrawal just minutes after seeing his Stags side beat Scunthorpe 3-0 to achieve EFL safety, Clough smiled: “Good - so they should.


“I am not quite sure how it got this far and the fact that the people who make these decisions don't anticipate the sort of reaction and backlash that there has been says an awful lot about how out of touch they are.”

He said his late father, Brian Clough, would have felt the same.

“You could not repeat what my dad would have said about this,” he said.

“He would have been very dismayed by what has happened to football in the last 20-odd years with greed being the overriding factor.

“Football has changed immeasurably since the Premier League especially with elitism and the lower division clubs.

“It used to be much more that everybody looked after everybody in football and I don't see that any more.”


Cox post-Mansfield (A)

First team manager Neil Cox spoke to iFollow Iron after a disappointing 3-0 defeat at Mansfield Town on Tuesday night.

He said: "We're disappointed again that we conceded another three goals. We looked leggy and not ready for the challenge. They looked fresher and sharper. We had to start the game off right but didn't, and they ran over us in midfield.


"We changed it to go man for man in midfield and they overran us again, so we had to be careful to sit in until half-time and get ourselves organised.

"We tried to come out in the second-half to keep in the game, and let their two full-backs have it more than their midfield players, and try to cause problems for them. We had a spell for five or ten minutes where we pushed and harried them.

"Manny (Onariase) had a great opportunity to make it 1-1 and after that their next goal came. It looked like it took a deflection, and then we were all over the place after that really. Our legs and organisation went. I took Manny off to avoid him getting sent off (he went close to a second booking), as we're going to need him.

"Prior to the last three games, we looked solid at the back, but we haven't had a settle side (due to injuries) and you can tell. We were poor again tonight.

"When we come in on Thursday morning, the focus will be on Saturday (when United take on Walsall), and we'll have a good luck around and see who really wants it. A lot of them are hurting, and really disappointed with the way the season has gone because they expected more from themselves. We'll pick them up ready for Saturday."



Neil Cox told the BBC: “I’m going to have to be careful, because I’m feeling a bit low with the way we’ve played over the last three games.

“We got ourselves into a better situation, and I know we were drawing some games, but we looked solid at the back.

“No excuses. Manny (Onariase) has to come in and do a job for us, nobody else had trained for three or four days, and Harrison went down injured again and we had to be careful.

“It probably summed us up over the last four games. We haven’t got a settled side, and you can tell.”


Neil Cox tips Mansfield Town for a promotion push next season
chad.co.uk, By John Lomas, Tuesday 20th April 2021

Scunthorpe United boss Neil Cox watched Mansfield Town tear his side to shreds in tonight's 3-0 victory and tipped Stags to shine at the other end of the table next season.

On a night when the win saw Mansfield secure their place in the EFL next season, the Iron are still not mathematically safe and he said: “Tonight was an opportunity to have a good go.

“Don't get me wrong, Mansfield are a good side and they will be pushing to get promotion next year.


“They just went for us a bit more and we didn't have the legs tonight.

“I am disappointed to concede another three goals. We looked a bit leggy and not really ready for the challenge - and it is a big challenge coming here.”

He added: “We had to start the game right but we didn't and they over-ran us in midfield.

“I said at half-time we had to keep in the game and we had a spell of five, 10 minutes when we harried them and Mannie (Emmanuel Onariase) had a great opportunity to make it 1-1.

“I think their second goal then got a deflection and we were all over the place after that.”

Cox believes the pressure is getting to the younger members of his squad.

“We are fighting for our lives and there is a lot of nervousness as we have to get results,” he said.

“I told them it's about what we do, let's not worry about others.

“But you can tell a lot of these young boys are nervous about what's going on.

“They are not finding it easy. But you have to stand up and be counted. That's what football is about. It's not all about the good times. There are difficult times when you've got to stick in.

“At the minute as a football club we're having a difficult time as we're not getting results. But I will stick in there and keep fighting and that's what they have got to do.

“Some of the boys are not ready for massive challenge and their bodies won't let them do that.”


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John Radford @JRadfordMTFC
Pleased to be over the line tonight.
Well done to Nigel and the boys.
We can now begin to plan with greater conviction for next season.

David Sharpe @DavidSharpe91
Nigel’s immediate priority achieved. Well done to him and his staff. Now we build properly to make sure we are more than ready for August 7th.

Tyrese Sinclair @ty_sinclair27
Another Win Another goal onto Saturday now!

Keaton Ward @Keatonward10
More minutes, 3 points, safety tick tick tick



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