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Where to park at The One Call Stadium

If you are coming by car to the Stags then there is plenty of car parking in and around Field Mill (both FREE and otherwise).


The Stags ground has its own car park. It can hold a couple of hundred cars and for £5 you can leave your car there. It does fill up pretty quickly. I suppose it's a case of "better safe than sorry".  The car park itself is on a slope, and there are attendants directing you into certain spaces.  Be warned that at the final whistle cars are held in the car park until the pedestrians have cleared.  After that it is a free-for-all as everyone tries to get out at once. You could get lucky and get out straight away, but then again your car could be stuck behind someone who takes their time getting out of the ground!

If you leave the game a couple of minutes before the final whistle then you should get away quickly.  However, once the final whistle goes all traffic is held.  When you eventually do leave the car park, the choice of turning left or right might be crucial. A short length of road to the left up to the traffic lights, at the end of Quarry Lane.  These traffic lights can be rather short on green and in days long gone the police would take over and move the traffic out.

Going to the right, takes you up the long length of Quarry Lane. Problems here are the road narrowing and a narrow bridge over the road (plus you can guarantee that someone is trying to come the other way to pick someone up!). At the end of Quarry lane there are some traffic lights.  If you are heading north then turn right and then left at the next set of lights on to the A38.  If you are heading south, turn left and then turn right at the next set of lights on to the A60.


There's a large car park situated just off Nottingham Road, which is supposed to be for the customers of PC World and Currys. This is for customers only and parking in this car park is not advised.


Just a bit further up Nottingham Road is a retail park containing Walkers Bingo, the ABC Cinema and Sainsburys. It's on the same side of the road as the Currys/PC World car park on a road called Park Lane. They all have large car parks, but the entrance to the Sainsburys one has a sign saying "This car park is free for Sainsburys customers” and the car park is monitored on match days.

Getting away from these car parks is controlled by traffic lights which means that you'll be able to get away fairly quickly, rather than waiting (and hoping) for some kind person to let you out.

EXTRA INFO : Also just up this road is a drive-thru McDonalds restaurant. And between Park Lane and the entrance to the Currys/PC World car park is a KFC restaurant (A Pizza Hut is also across the road from Currys/PC World).


There is no parking on Quarry Lane itself. There are some signs which get flipped over on match days saying no parking today but this does not always happen.  There are not usually cars parked on Quarry Lane.  Be aware that if you park on the verge alongside double yellow lines you may receive a parking ticket. There are a couple of streets off of Quarry Lane that parking is allowed on. These are Highfield Way, Sibthorpe Street and Bradder Way. There are industrial units on parts of these streets but most are shut on Saturday afternoons. As long as you don't block a unit that is open you should be alright, otherwise you'll hear "Will the owner of car registration number..." played over the PA at the ground, much to your embarrassment.

Be aware that some of these roads have double yellow lines and it has been known for people parking on them to receive parking tickets.

There is a dairy just up from the ground on Quarry Lane which has a car park open on match days for a fee.


There is a large car park at the Retail Park behind the North Stand end of the ground which is the away stand.  On Saturdays this car park is patrolled and cars have been clamped - it is not patrolled for evening matches as far as we are aware.

Car parks are one of the growing industries in the town.  There is the station car park just off the bottom of the retail park behind the North Stand.  Off Nottingham Road towards the town centre there are a few pay and display car parks as well as one outside the Water Meadows complex.  In the town centre, there are two large "pay-and-display" multi-storey car parks (situated in The Four Season's). Each have spaces for up to 500 cars. There's also a couple of "pay-and-display" car parks on Station Street, situated between the Town Centre and Field Mill.