Name - Dave Baxter

Birthday - 13 2 70

Place of birth - sunny Sutton in Ashfield

Position normally played - Nowadays centre midfield with some young legs at the side of me.

How many years have you supported The Stags –30

When did you make your FTYBR FC debut - The first game away Leyton Orient won 3-1 scored one.

What if anything can you remember about it - Left foot shot bottom corner.

What is the most memorable FTYBR FC performance you have played in - Easy Wembley, won scored and picked the cup up.

What is the best goal you have seen scored by FTYBR FC - To many to pick one but Daz Chidlow’s winner at Wembley in the last seconds from the penalty spot was special just because of were we were and what was at stake.

How many goals have you scored and if any what was the best - Not sure how many, 80ish? Wembley goal again just so special the whole day.

Who do you think is the all time best player to have ever played for FTYBR - No one player, everyone has brought something to the team.

Out of all the away games, which one did you enjoy the most - Watford the first time when we went. We won 3-0. Perfect performance.

And what about the worst – Plymouth.

Who is the most unusual player you have played with and why - Bob Hoult -  never did anything except score.

What about the worst dresser in the team - James Brunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who do you think eats the most – Steve Hartshorn!!!!!! Now, used to be stato.

And what about drinks the most - James Brown.

If you won some major money on the lottery what would you buy FTYBR FC - Everything we need and field mill so we could play our homes games there.


Now for slightly the sillier side of things…….


Favourite film and why - Barbed Wire! Pammie looks fit to ****.

What was the last DVD you purchased – Wanted.

Last time you went to the pictures and what did you go to see - Too long ago to remember.

Favourite kind of music - You having a laugh? Deacon Blue.

Last CD you purchased - Deacon Blue greatest hits.

Ugliest girl you have ever dated and why - No comment.

Was her Mother even uglier – Yes.

Favourite flavour of crisps - salt and vinegar

Favourite food/drink - Lager roast beef

If you were taken away by aliens, what part of your body would you least like probed - Bottom

If no one would ever know, bar yourself, what woman would you most like to take to bed - Linda Barker

What is the worst ever item of clothing you have purchased - None fashion icon. 

Right then, what player in the world, past or present would you most compare yourself to – Pele.

If you could sign a premiership player to play along side you who would you sign - Paul Scholes

Tell us at least one funny story about yourself – No.


And Stags…..


Best ever game you have seen - Wembley

Favourite player - The legend Keith Cassels

Best ground visited - Newcastle

And the worst – Maidstone United.

What do you think Stags can achieve in five years - Maybe promotion back to the league at best.

What is your favourite ever Stags shirt - GT textiles one.

Best ever manager and why - Ian Greaves made a poor side into a very good one.

A difficult one for you…. Name your best ever Stags side - Greaves promotion team.

How about worst - Last seasons cant blame everything on Haslam.



(Please Note that most of the photo's shown are thanks to Danny Westwell)

Profile Completed in November 2008