Name - Jonathan Rowe

Birthday - 12th June

Place of birth - Sutton in Ashfield

Position normally played - Center Back

How many years have you supported The Stags - About 10.

When did you make your FTYBR FC debut - About 2 seasons ago.

What if anything can you remember about it -  Can't really remember anything about it really if I’m being honest.

What is the most memorable FTYBR FC performance you have played in -  The charity match at field mill stands out, but i have to say my most memorable is Grimsby away last season coming from two goals down to win 3-2

What is the best goal you have seen scored by FTYBR FC - Wheatman's at field mill, great team goal.

How many goals have you scored and if any what was the best - Bout 4 or 5 i think, my best was the one at Grimsby away.

Who do you think is the all time best player to have ever played for FTYBR -  Hard to say really, but if you listen to Bagger it has to be him lol

Out of all the away games, which one did you enjoy the most - Tranmere away, story time with browny was awesome.

And what about the worst - Q.P.R away awful day.

Who is the most unusual player you have played with and why - Michael Scothron, the nicest guy in football?

What about the worst dresser in the team - Either Keith Gilbert or Gaz Bird

Who do you think eats the most - Probably me lol

And what about drinks the most - James Brown

If you won some major money on the lottery what would you buy FTYBR FC - Is it for sale?


Now for slightly the sillier side of things…….


Favourite film and why - Superman returns, just love the superman films

What was the last DVD you purchased - Supernatural Season 3

Last time you went to the pictures and what did you go to see - Pineapple Express about 6 weeks ago

Favourite kind of music - Anything really apart from rap

Last CD you purchased - dont buy cd's

Ugliest girl you have ever dated and why - There been plenty of birds when I’ve been drunk didn’t quite catch there names though.

Was her Mother even uglier - Probably

Favourite flavour of crisps - roast chicken

Favourite food/drink - chinese/pepsi

If you were taken away by aliens, what part of your body would you least like probed - should imagine the anal probe ain’t too pleasant

If no one would ever know, bar yourself, what woman would you most like to take to bed - Birdy's sister

What is the worst ever item of clothing you have purchased - dunno

Right then, what player in the world, past or present would you most compare yourself to - probably John Terry, not to elegant but i put my head in where it hurts

If you could sign a premiership player to play along side you who would you sign - Ronaldo

Tell us at least one funny story about yourself - There was the chatted up by a tranny incident but we'll leave that well alone


And Stags…..


Best ever game you have seen - Huddersfield away when we won 3-1 awesome

Favourite player - Liam Lawrence

Best ground visited - Millennium Stadium, club ground would be the Mcalpine

And the worst - Underhill (Barnet)

What do you think Stags can achieve in five years - Probably stability in league two

What is your favourite ever Stags shirt - I quite like the current one

Best ever manager and why - Stuart Watkiss, he always respected what the fans meant to the club

A difficult one for you…. Name your best ever Stags side - In my experience the play off one, if we could have kept Greenacre and had that team round him that would have been awesome

How about worst - Last season's, I am better than Jake Buxton.



Profile Completed in November 2008