Name - James Brunt

Birthday - 27.09.1981

Place of birth - Kings Mill Hospital Sutton in Ashfield

Position normally played - Defence!!!

How many years have you supported The Stags - 24 years

When did you make your FTYBR FC debut - 2005

What if anything can you remember about it - Played against Notts County away, I played centre half with Wayne Sharpe. I believe we lost 5-1 and I got the man of the match! We must have played bad!

What is the most memorable FTYBR FC performance you have played in - Probably the legends match at field mill, when I had a run in with Ernie Moss, stupid Spireites!!!

What is the best goal you have seen scored by FTYBR FC - I can only remember my goals, and the poor efforts by Mr Baxter!!!

How many goals have you scored and if any what was the best - Well most of my goals have been scored with my head, but I would say my best goal was away against Ilkeston, when I curled the free kick into the corner of the net from around 20 yards! Ask Browny I told him what I was going to do! I would say I have scored around 6

Who do you think is the all time best player to have ever played for FTYBR - Although I have only played with him for the Bold Forester, I would say Andy Graham.

Out of all the away games, which one did you enjoy the most - Probably Grimsby away when we won 3 –2!

And what about the worst - Bristol Rovers away, when I pulled my hamstring after about 20 mins!!

Who is the most unusual player you have played with and why - I would say Bob Hoult, he has supposed to score many goals, I have played with him for 3 years and he still hasn’t scored!

What about the worst dresser in the team - That’s got to be Clarky – he has the just got out of bed look 24/7

Who do you think eats the most - That’s easy – Ricky Okon!

And what about drinks the most - James Brown – Besty to his mates!

If you won some major money on the lottery what would you buy FTYBR FC - I would buy a tracksuit for Wayne Sharpe!!!!


Now for slightly the sillier side of things…….


Favourite film and why - All the National Lampoon films with Chevy Chase! Timeless quality!!!

What was the last DVD you purchased - Semi – Pro with Will Ferrell – he is a comedy genius!

Last time you went to the pictures and what did you go to see - Step Brothers, Will Ferrell again! Sept 08

Favourite kind of music - Love all music, liking the Kings of Leon, and still love Oasis!

Last CD you purchased - Oasis – Dig out your soul

Ugliest girl you have ever dated and why - None – my standards are reasonably high, although there were a few moments at uni, involving some swamp donkeys

Was her Mother even uglier - See above!!

Favourite flavour of crisps - Smokey Bacon

Favourite food/drink - Cant beat a good steak!

If you were taken away by aliens, what part of your body would you least like probed - My ass!

If no one would ever know, bar yourself, what woman would you most like to take to bed - Birdy’s Sister!!! Being serious, Rachel Stevens or Louise Redknapp!

What is the worst ever item of clothing you have purchased - A pringle golf cardigan! Got some stick for that!!

Right then, what player in the world, past or present would you most compare yourself to - Well Browny likes to call me Bele but I would probably compare myself to Jamie Carragher!

If you could sign a premiership player to play along side you who would you sign - Steven Gerrard – Pure Class!!!

Tell us at least one funny story about yourself - I think the Best one has to be when I was at uni, pissed as usual!

Me and my house mate, struggled to get a taxi, so as we were walking past a hospital, I nicked a wheelchair that was outside.

Making our way back onto the main road, we flagged the first taxi that passed us, and it stopped. Not only did the taxi driver pick us up, he also got out of the car, lowered the disabled ramp and wheeled me into the cab! The funny part of the story came when he dropped us of near home, being slightly pissed I asked him how much for the fair, and when he told me I proceeded to stand up and pay him, totally forgetting that I was apparently disabled!!!

Me and my mate Baz quickly left the taxi, running as fast as we could!!! Oh and leaving the wheel chair behind!


And Stags…..


Best ever game you have seen - Beating Leeds away in the league cup! That was a good night!

Favourite player - Paul Holland

Best ground visited - Wembley

And the worst - Ebbsfleet!

What do you think Stags can achieve in five years - Maybe might scrape promotion back into league football!

What is your favourite ever Stags shirt - Ribero Mansfield Bitter Shirt, worn by Trevor Christie and Steve Wilkinson, closely followed by the green and white vertical striped Gunthorpe Textiles Shirt, made again by Ribero I believe.

Best ever manager and why - Ian Greaves, simple reason why 1987!!!

A difficult one for you…. -  Name your best ever Stags side -  Kevin Hitchcock, Bobby Hassell, Mark Kearney, George Foster, Kevin Gray, Liam Lawrence, Gary Ford, Paul Holland, Kevin Kent, Phil Stant, Chris Greenacre

How about worst - This is easy, Paddy Gamble, Gary Silk, Alex Jeanin, Adie Moses, Alan O’Hare, Jon D’Laryea, Matty Somner, Nathan Arnold, Michael Blackwood, Jason Lee, Mark Stallard!!!


Profile Completed in October 2008