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26th January 2018 23:20

Stags' boss pays credit to 'wonderful support'
mansfieldtown.net, 22 Jan 2018

Boss Steve Evans has paid tribute to the ‘wonderful’ support showed in Stags’ remarkable 3-2 victory over Cheltenham Town at One Call Stadium on Saturday and quipped that he was worried for the structure of the stands when CJ Hamilton fired a late winner.

Speaking at his weekly news converence on Monday morning, the manger told http://www.mansfieldtown.net and the local media: ""I'm not going to speak about the five or six people [who made comments behind the dugout in Saturday's match], out of what three and a half thousand Stags fans and let me tell you when we scored that equalising goal I thought this roof might come in, but I definitely thought it was coming in when we scored the winner and that’s tribute to the Stags fans.

"They’re wonderful, they’re passionate, they’re caring and they’re supportive.

"I'm waiting this morning to see how our supporter is who joined in with the celebrations, his back must be in bits. He's watching 14 stone muscle, about five of them jumping on him. What a wonderful moment to celebrate with the players that he probably adores on a weekly basis."


CJ Hamilton scored a brace for Stags on Saturday, sending the crowd at One Call Stadium into raptures with a 94th minute winner. The boss revealed that he has batted off offers from other clubs who had submitted transfer bids for the winger.

“We love CJ and if the kid continues to work on his final product, he continues to care when he has the ball and I’ve said it before he’s one of the players who could go and play higher. He’s one we’ve rejected offers from other club.

“He threatens every team we play against but I didn’t think CJ was terrific on Saturday, not by any stretch, but he gets in at the back post which a year ago he wouldn’t have.

"We’ve encouraged him to get in there and it’s wonderful. CJ said on Saturday that he picked his spot and when you look at it back then you see he does and it’s a wonderful finish.”

Reflecting on Saturday's extraordinary match at One Call Stadium - which saw three red cards - two of which to Cheltenham - five goals and Stags completing a dramatic comeback, the manager said: “We started the match reasonably brightly, we were on the front foot. You’re always going to be subject to a counter attack especially the way Cheltenham played.

"They’re wonderful, they’re passionate, they’re caring and they’re supportive.”

Steve Evans on the Stags' support at home to Cheltenham on Saturday

" think their front two looked lively so credit to [Krystian] Pearce and [Rhys] Bennett.

“They got in behind and in a moment where we should have defended much better Krystian Pearce trips the fellow, it’s not Hayden [White] after we’ve looked at the footage and Krystian has confirmed it’s a little trip. It’s a penalty kick, we thought it at the time.

"The referee gets it right, it’s a penalty and Pell puts it in the back of the net which you’d expect him to do, he’s a decent player.

“I think we gave it a bit of a go after that. We got the equaliser, we should have possibly equalised before that and we should have certainly gone in ahead at half-time but we said at half-time we don’t need to win this game in the first five minutes of the second half but I said tongue-in-cheek it might take 96th or 97th minutes to win it and my words came true.

“I thought the second half we were on top. They were very seldom in our half. It’s great when you make a substitution who scores within a few minutes of coming on.

"Not only is that a great finish from Kane [Hemmings], it’s a great touch and finish. Then he has such a clever movement to allow Mal Benning to step in and create the third goal.

“From that point of view, I think 'did we deserve to win'? 100% we deserved to win based on play, based on possession in and around their box and it’s always said that it’s a great way to go in and win a game.

“Conrad Logan has to make a super save [near the end] because I think one or two of the boys at the back thought we’re going on our jollies for the evening and we’d won the game. When you think like that you get punished but Conrad has made a number of big saves for us over the season and he made another one there.”

Saturday's match referee Darren Handley will have experienced arguably one the most challenge games in which has officiated, to which our manager said: “The referee gets every big decision on the field of play and off the field of play 100% correct for me.

"Maybe the referee went home on Saturday night and poured himself a glass of wine or had a beer.

"I think he must have bought four bottles on the way home because that was a real tough match on the field and off the field too, to officiate in but he showed his experience. He got the big decisions right and that’s first at eyesight and with looking back at the footage yesterday and of course today.

“Well done referee. They’ve taken stick off me in recent weeks for the right reasons because their decisions have not been right, even on review, but the referee can be really pleased that he’s had a very efficient afternoon.”

Jacob Mellis looked to pull his hamstring in Saturday’s win and was replaced in the 28th minute by Lee Angol. The gaffer offered an update on the classy midfielder.

“Jacob [Mellis] has a scan [booked in] just after four o’clock today. It was the quickest we could get him in. He was feeling much better yesterday than he did on Saturday night. That’s no indication of course. We’ll see what the scan results show and I’ll know this evening.”

Supporters can watch the gaffer’s full news conference by logging into iFollow Stags later today.


Evans not worried over Hemmings loan after Oxford boss is sacked
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town do not believe Oxford United will recall loan striker Kane Hemmings after boss Pep Clotet, who agreed he could stay last week, was sacked. “We don’t believe so,” said boss Steve Evans. “That is something that would ultimately lie beyond us. But my understanding is that is not the case. “I think for Kane to leave us now he’d have to leave Oxford on a permanent basis.”

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/evans-not-worried-over-hemmings-loan-after-oxford-boss-is-sacked-1-8976147


Evans ‘fairly confident’ of new faces before the weekend
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Monday 22 January 2018

Mansfield Town boss Steve Evans is ‘fairly confident’ he will bring in new faces before the weekend as next Wednesday’s January transfer window deadline nears. Evans has stayed patient in his chase for fresh blood as Stags stayed pace with the promotion-chasers after a thrilling late 3-2 home win over Cheltenham Town.

One of his almost completed deals was this week left up in the air with the manager of the player’s club dismissed. But others are moving slowly towards final decisions.

“I have a meeting set with the chairman and chief executive. There are lots of things we have to go through,” said Evans.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/evans-fairly-confident-of-new-faces-before-the-weekend-1-8973263

“I don’t think we’re going to take too long talking about the offers we’ve had (for Stags players) as I’ve already said no.

“Carolyn Radford will give us an update of where we are as she is having conversations with directors of other clubs and agents. It can take a lot to bring them around.

“But we’ve got a long time - we’ve got 10 days. I’ve been sat on deadline day when we’ve got 10 seconds to send an email to register a player back in my days at Rotherham. Then you sit and sweat as to whether you’ve done it or not.

“But we don’t want to be here on the last minutes of deadline day. We will try to do some business this week - but it has to be the right business.”

Ahead of Saturday’s trip to Morecambe, he added: “I am fairly confident we’ll see some movement before the weekend.

“I am fortunate that I work for a family that want Mansfield Town to be so successful - and they want us to do it in a really structured way.

“So we have to make sure between myself and Carolyn that when we go to the chairman we go with something that makes it simple for him to say yes.

“On the odd occasion he’s said no. But no one knows John Radford better than Carolyn Radford - that’s for sure - so I am hopeful when we go to him with some things this week that our chairman will be in a position that he wants to support myself and Carolyn and help us get it over the line. “We were close on one but, without talking out of turn, they’ve not got a manager now. So it may have changed. We need to wait and see. “Carolyn has got closer on the others. We’re just waiting for the CEO to say we can do a deal with his agent for the player and on another we are waiting to hear if the chairman will accept our loan proposal.”


Stags waiting on Mellis injury scan
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Monday 22 January 2018

Mansfield Town are waiting on a scan to find out how long they may be without midfield ace Jacob Mellis. The former Chelsea man pulled midway during the first half of Saturday’s home win over Cheltenham and limped off.

“He just felt his hamstring tighten right up,” said manager Steve Evans. “The first thing you do as a player when that happens is you go into a mental seizure. You stop.

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/stags-waiting-on-mellis-injury-scan-1-8973298

“It’s probably a strain but other than that it’s just guesswork whether it’s seven to 10 days or three to four weeks.

“Jacob has a scan booked. He was feeling much better on Sunday than he was on Saturday night, but that’s no indication of course. We’ll see what the scan results are.”


Raynor furious over Cheltenham boss comments
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS, Monday 22 January 2018

Mansfield Town Paul Raynor is furious over barbed comments made about him by Cheltenham Town manager Gary Johnson after Saturday’s ill-tempered 3-2 win for the Stags. Cheltenham had two players sent off and Stags one while Johnson was also sent to the stands for a clash with Raynor in which Johnson shoved him. After the game Johnson made several remarks about Raynor and the Stags bench as a whole, calling on the FA to look at their antics during a game. However, boss Steve Evans said today: “Paul pointed out the comments to me yesterday and it’s something Paul wants to deal with in a professional way - in his way.

“So I really can’t comment. It’s for Paul Raynor to take the action that he is looking to take.”

On his clash with Johnson, Raynor said after the game: “Gary was having some choice words with Danny Rose. “There were a number of their staff around Danny which we thought was inappropriate, so we tried to make sure Danny didn’t get involved.

Read more at: https://www.hucknalldispatch.co.uk/sport/football/raynor-furious-over-cheltenham-boss-comments-1-8973234

“Then Gary pushed me and, as far as I am aware, that’s why he got sent to the stand.”


Rare praise for man in the middle from Evans as Stags boss salutes Handley
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

It’s not very often referees are praised by Mansfield Town boss Steve Evans - but Darren Handley was this week given a huge pat on the back for his handling of Saturday’s incident-strewn home clash with Cheltenham Town. Evans had been furious with the men in the middle in the two previous games as big decisions against Mansfield were proved wrong on replays. However, in a game in which Cheltenham had two red cards and Mansfield one, and Robins boss Gary Johnson was ordered to the stands, Evans beamed: “The referee got every big decision on the field of play and off the field of play one hundred per cent correct for me. “I always say as a manager or referee, you go home on Saturday night and pour yourself a glass of wine or as beer. “I think he must have bought four bottles on the way home because that must have been a really rough match on and off the field to officiate in. “But he showed his experience, he showed he got the big decisions right and that’s from eyesight and then looking back at the footage of the incidents yesterday. “Well done the referee! They’ve taken stick off me in recent weeks, but for the right reasons as their decisions have not been right, even on review. “This referee can be really pleased that he’s had a very efficient afternoon. “There is no doubt Gary Johnson is a winner. But when he looks back at the footage in the cold light of day, he will be disappointed with his conduct.” Stags snatched a 3-2 win with a stoppage time winner by CJ Hamilton and Evans added: “100 per cent we deserved to win based on play and possession in and around their box. It’s a great way to go and win a game. “But if you look at the topsy turvy game, we go 3-2 in front and then Conrad Logan has to make a super save as one or two of the boys at the back thought they were going on their jollies, we’ve won the game. When you think that at any level, you get punished. “Conrad has made a number of big saves for us over the season and he made another big one in the 98th minute.”

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/rare-praise-for-man-in-the-middle-from-evans-as-stags-boss-salutes-handley-1-8975383


Stags fine White for red card
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town defender Hayden White faces a three game ban and a club fine after his red card against Cheltenham on Saturday. White was dismissed after going through Cheltenham’s Ilias Chatitheodoridis and boss Steve Evans said: “He will be fined and disciplined internally. “It was a rush of blood. He’s not got a bad bone in his body. But, like the Cardiff lad last week (Junior Hoilett), sometimes you do commit something as a one-off and Hayden did. So he will be dealt with.” This was Mansfield’s first red card of the season.

Read more at: https://www.hucknalldispatch.co.uk/sport/football/stags-fine-white-for-red-card-1-8977168


Evans refuses to let Stags ‘boo boys’ spoil win
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town manager Steve Evans is refusing to let a small number of ‘boo boys’ around his dug-out take the edge off Saturday’s fine win. Evans and assistant Paul Raynor have suffered abuse from a tiny number of fans in recent home games and Evans was so angry on Saturday he sent Raynor out for the post-match analysis. Evans said on Monday: “It was more aimed at Paul Raynor than myself. But I’m not going to speak about these five or six people out of 3,500 Stags fans. “When we scored the equalising goal I thought the roof was going to come in. But I thought the roof was coming in when we scored the winner. “That’s tribute to the Stags fans. They are wonderful, they are passionate, they are caring and supportive. “So I’m not going to five credit to five or six people by talking about them. Let them live in their own little world.”

Read more at: https://www.hucknalldispatch.co.uk/sport/football/evans-refuses-to-let-stags-boo-boys-spoil-win-1-8977162


Stags ready for one of toughest away tests in League Two
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

Mansfield Town boss Steve Evans believes Morecambe away remains one of the toughest games in League Two. The Stags head to the Globe Arena on Saturday hoping to extend their run of only one defeat in 15 League games against a Shrimps side hovering above trouble in 19th place. However, Stags were fortunate to beat them 2-1 at home last month and Evans warned “At home they win games against good teams. “If we are still sitting on the same points differential to the top boys when we leave Morecambe we will be really pleased as I see it as one of the tougher games of the season. “I’d rather go to Luton or Notts County than go to Morecambe. But you have to go to everyone over the season.” It took a single goal from ex-Stag Johnny Mullins last weekend for leaders Luton to pip visiting Morecambe 1-0. “I watched 40 minutes of highlights from that game and they certainly should have got something in the second half,” said Evans. “They could perhaps have been two or three down in the first hour but when they brought certain players on, chasing the game, Luton tried to kill it off and they left gaps. “We’ve done that and fortunately for Luton and unfortunately for Jim Bentley up at Morecambe, they couldn’t punish it. “We’ve seen how good Morecambe are here. It was probably one of the best visiting performances of the season. “We went and got a late Danny Rose header to win the game. So we know how tough it’s going to be up there.”

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/stags-ready-for-one-of-toughest-away-tests-in-league-two-1-8978159


Stags winger CJ tipped for bigger things
chad.co.uk, by JOHN LOMAS

CJ Hamilton can go on and play at a higher level if he continues to improve as he is doing, believes Mansfield Town boss Steve Evans. Winger Hamilton was a periphery figure under previous manager Adam Murray but is now a regular under Evans, netting his first two League goals for the club last weekend in the 3-2 home win over Cheltenham. “We love CJ,” smiled Evans. “If the kid continues to work on his final product, which he is doing, and continue to care when he has the ball, he could go and play much higher.” Hamilton’s form is making other clubs sit up and take notice and Evans said: “He is one of the boys we’ve said no to clubs coming in for him. He threatens every team we play against. “He wasn’t great against Cardiff. But, believe me, they were worried about him and they doubled up every time he got possession of the ball. “I didn’t think CJ was terrific on Saturday, not by any stretch. But he gets in at the back post, whereas a year ago he would have been standing wide left. “Well, he wouldn’t have been on the pitch would he? He would have been up in the seats.” On Hamilton’s late winning goal on Saturday, Evans said: “He gets the goal at the back stick - we’ve been encouraging him to get in there. He’s followed Mal’s strike in and got the ricochet. “When you look at it back from some of the footage he does then pick his spot. It was a wonderful finish and I am waiting to find out how our supporter was who joined in the celebration. “His back must be in bits as he’s under about five lots of 14 stone of muscle jumping up. What a wonderful moment for him celebrating with the players he probably adores on a weekly basis.”

Read more at: https://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/stags-winger-cj-tipped-for-bigger-things-1-8978151


comment by Martin Shaw on twitter @shawma1

This is nothing short of hilarious. Management at the club is deluded, especially Gary Johnson, as I said on Monday on BBC Radio Nottingham (you can listen again here --> http://stagsnet.net/interviews/CheltenhamH_postmatchRadioNottmmatchtalk_22Jan18.mp3 )

Decision made on Cheltenham Town's appeal over red cards against Mansfield Town
Pair will serve bans
gloucestershirelive.co.uk, By Jon Palmer, 24 JAN 2018

Cheltenham Town's appeals over red cards for Taylor Moore and Danny Wright during Saturday's 3-2 defeat at Mansfield Town have been unsuccessful.

Both players will therefore serve bans and be unavailable for this weekend's home match against Barnet.

They will also miss the matches against Port Vale and Wycombe Wanderers.


A club statement said:

"Cheltenham Town Football Club can confirm that its appeals against the red cards shown to Taylor Moore and Danny Wright during the Sky Bet League Two fixture with Mansfield Town have been rejected.

Both players will now serve a three-match suspension with immediate effect.

The club is extremely disappointed that the appeals have been dismissed and has requested full written reasons from the Regulatory Commissions to the decisions made.

At present we can only assume that they were unable to view the incidents clearly due to the distance of the video camera from them and the lack of a clear angle to prove an obvious error by the match officials."

Cheltenham also had boss Gary Johnson sent to the stand at Field Mill after an altercation with Mansfield's assistant manager Paul Raynor in the wake of Bristol City loanee Moore's dimissal for serious foul play.

Johnson is therefore facing a three game touchline ban.

Mansfield's Hayden White was also sent off in the second half for a reckless challenge on Ilias Chatzitheodoridis, with Wright following late on after clashing with Alfie Potter.



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