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29th September 2016 22:01

Distraught Murray rues missed chances
mansfieldtown.net, 24th September 2016

Stags’ boss Adam Murray says his side need to start punishing their opposition after falling to a 1-0 defeat at home to Grimsby Town this afternoon.

Grimsby striker Omar Bogle converted a 17th-minute penalty to secure the points for the Mariners, despite Stags dominating much of the game.

And speaking after the match, manager Murray said his side need to make the most of their possession after having 13 shots and ten corners against the Lincolnshire side.

“At the minute when we’re on top of games, we’re not ruthless enough. They’ve had one opportunity, took it, and won the game. We’re getting in fantastic positions, at times, and let teams off the hook,” Murray said.

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“The league’s ruthless, if you do that you get punished so [it’s] a disappointing day today, very disappointing and I know how much these games mean to people and how much they mean to the supporters and I’m sorry that we couldn’t put the points on the board for them today.

"I’m distraught at this moment in time because if they dominated us and ran the game, you hold your hands up to the better team but we’re letting teams of the hook at the minute."

The 34-year-old revealed that he had no complaints with the award of the penalty and he wants his side to improve their anticipation after seeing his side react slower than the Mariners in certain situations.

“We’ve got to anticipate better; the amount of balls that fall in the box and we’re a yard off it, or half a yard off it, the anticipation’s not good enough.

“In general play, I never felt like we looked uncomfortable. We’ve played a lot of good football this season, today we went forward a little bit quicker to make them defend and you have to take opportunities when they arise.

“That’s the bit that needs to change, whether that’s personnel [or] whether it’s a different thought-process in the final third.

“At times we were playing with four ‘up there’ today and it’s not as if we’re not getting in the positions. If we weren’t getting in the positions then I really would be worried but the final cross, the final ball, the anticipation of the second ball, we’re half asleep at the minute and we need to address that.”

Midfielder Chris Clements made his return to action after missing the last five games with a hamstring injury and Murray said the former Hednesford man gave the Stags some much-need guile in midfield.

“He’ll get the ball, he’ll give it away, he’ll go get it again. He’ll get it, he’ll try something, he’ll give it away, he’ll go and get it again and he gave us a bit of rhythm, so to have him back is fantastic. You need your big players back but at the same time, we’ve got some big players in there.”

Supporters can now watch Adam Murray’s post-match interview on Stags PlayerHD.


Murray dilemma as goal drought goes on for Stags
by JOHN LOMAS, chad.co.uk, Saturday 24 September 2016

Stags manager Adam Murray must spend the weekend working out how to end his side’s frustrating 451-minute goal drought ahead of Tuesday’s trip to Accrington Stanley.

Stags were beaten 1-0 by Grimsby Town today against the run of play by a 17th minute Omar Bogle penalty kick.

But, once again, Murray’s men had plenty of balls into the opposition box and the better chances but once again they drew a blank.

“Something is just not clicking at the minute,” said Murray.

Read more at: http://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/murray-dilemma-as-goal-drought-goes-on-for-stags-1-8144997?

“I don’t know if the balance of the characters isn’t quite right, the XI going out there. It’s something we need to address.

“But it’s a fine line as when you haven’t scored for five games we have to be careful people’s confidence doesn’t start dropping. No one is pummelling us.

“It’s all our own doing at the minute and we need to address it as quick as we can.

“They had three shots, one on target, a penalty they scored. We had 13, six on target and didn’t score.

“At the minute when we are on top of games we are not ruthless enough. They had one opportunity and took it.

“At the minute we are getting into fantastic positions at times and letting teams off the hook. This league is ruthless and if you do that you get punished.”

With over 1,500 Grimsby fans making the journey over for the lunchtime kick-off, the game was played a superb atmosphere and Murray said: “It is a very disappointing day today.

“I know how much these games mean to people and I am sorry we couldn’t put the points on the board. It turns my insides out, days like this.

“Scott Shearer has not had a save to make today. But we can’t keep saying that. We are not scoring goals and it’s obviously becoming an issue.

“We need to put that right. It’s a very fine line at the minute from us from us taking games by the scruff of the neck and dominating to coming away feeling like this.”

Murray had no doubts over the penalty when keeper Scott Shearer lost the race to the ball with Bogle.

“It was a stone cold penalty and it’s come from our goal kick which is frustrating,” he said.

“It was a poor goal to concede and one of those when they caught us when we were at a moment of strength. We were on the front foot.

“We are putting a lot of good balls into decent areas at the minute and nothing is happening.

“They had 10 men behind the ball in the second half. They had nine men in the box most of the time, so we have to anticipate the amount of balls that fall in the box, we are half a yard off it.

“In general play I never felt we looked uncomfortable.

“We’ve played a lot of good football this season. Today we went forward a bit quicker to make them defend and you have to take opportunities when they arise.” H

e continued: “I think we’ve had 10 corners, 16 dead balls going into the box and we’ve nothing to show for it. You can repeat this interview from the last home game we had.

“That needs to change now, whether it’s personnel or a different thought process in the final third. At times we were playing with four up there today.

“It’s not as if we weren’t getting into the positions. If we weren’t then I really would be worried. We just seem half-asleep at the minute.”

Stags now head to Accrington on Tuesday and Murray said: “I am just over the moon that we have got a game on Tuesday.

“I am going to sit and cry tonight, probably punch a few walls, and head butt the laptop. I am distraught at this moment in time.

“If they had dominated us and run the game, you hold your hands up to the better team. But we’re just letting teams off the hook at the minute.”

He concluded: “The first half was probably one of the best we’ve played all season in terms of territorial play. We pinned them in and had enough opportunities to make the goalkeeper work at least. Then we get sucker punched again.

“We did have the battle mentality I asked for, but you’ve got to play with intelligence as well. We had a lot of huff and puff but didn’t have that intelligence to slit their throats, so to speak. We were very powderpuff at times.”


Hurst: A Well Earned Three Points
grimsby-townfc.co.uk, 24th September 2016, by Andy Phillips

BOSS Paul Hurst was pleased with the 1-0 win at Mansfield Town on Saturday afternoon, and believes it was another victory at a place that is difficult to go to.

Speaking after the game, the Town boss said: ''We've definitely played better this season and it's been a bit of a long time coming that 1-0 victory but it's not an easy place to come to and we were against a team that will certainly have play-off ambitions as a minimum so it a great three points for us.''

Omar Bogle's penalty was the difference on the day, and Hurst believes that the awarding of the spot kick was definitely the right decision, saying: ''I think the argument is that there were some claims forr offside.

''I'm not going to make a claim about that but it's one-hundred-percent a penalty and if people are gonna dispute that then I think they've got very biased hats on.

Read more at http://www.grimsby-townfc.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/hurst-a-well-earned-three-points-3325673.aspx#lXEeaF8cgC2FTRSg.99

''But Omar kept his composure well, tucked it away and it was a good start to the game for us.''

The game was one of few chances, with neither side testing the goalkeeper often, and Hurst believes that the way the team defended played a big part in the victory.

''It was maybe lacking a bit of quality at times, I thought we got into the penalty box well at times but we've had to defend free-kicks and corners and that probably looked the most liekly route, as well as Green cutting in from the left hand side early on.

''I don't think Macca's saves are in the mouth moments, there were a lot of bodies but not really much happening so from that point of view, I think the neutral will say that we saw it out fairly comfortable.

''It doesn't feel that way when you're a manager but he certainly didn't have many saves to make.''

Asked if he thought the performance was what he was looking for after defeat last weekend, Hurst said: ''I'm not sure about that, there were parts of the performance that were better first half and we'd gone in 1-0 but thought theyd had slightly the better of it really.

''Second half, I thought we had a couple of good situations. There was Ashley Chambers running through and you're hoping he hits it and Kayden had a couple of opportunities that kinda petered out so all in all, it wasn't a day full of chances.''

''But I remember going to Wycombe and speaking to Gareth Ainsworth after the game and he said they had 26 or 27 games that were like the Wycombe game and that today.

''I think we've started well in terms of our performance levels but there are times where we can't always do that.

''It was bit blustery today but you're gonna have to win games like that if you're gonna be anywhere and having gone to Luton and then to come here and win is really good for the team and the squad.''

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‘A great three points’, says Grimsby boss after win at Stags

by JOHN LOMAS, chad.co.uk

Grimsby Town boss Paul Hurst was delighted to watch his side see out their 1-0 win at Mansfield Town in relative comfort yesterday.

A 17th minute Omar Bogle penalty won the day as Stags’ goal drought reached 451 frustrating minutes.

The Mariners created little but took the one chance on offer and defended superbly.

“We have definitely played better this season, but it’s been a bit of a long that coming, that 1-0 victory,” said Hurst.

Read more at: http://www.chad.co.uk/sport/football/mansfield-town/a-great-three-points-says-grimsby-boss-after-win-at-stags-1-8145076?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

“It’s not an easy place to come against a team that I think certainly have play-off ambitions as a minimum.

“So, from that point of view, it’s a great three points for us.”

On the penalty, he added: “I think some were claiming offside, I don’t have a clue about that but 100 per cent it was a penalty.

“If people are going to dispute that I am afraid they’ve got their biased hats on and not being realistic.

“Omar kept his composure well and tucked it away and it was a good start to the game for us.”

He added: “The game was lacking a bit of quality at times. I thought we got into their penalty box well on a few occasions, then the next ball or something wasn’t very good.

“We’ve had to defend free kicks and corners. That probably looked their most likely route, and early on Green down the sides which we know his strength, cutting in from the left hand side.

“Overall I don’t think we had any heart in in the mouth moments.

“I think for a neutral they would have said we saw it out comfortably. When you are a manager and emotions are involved it doesn’t quite feel like that.

“But realistically I don’t think our keeper has had too many saves to make.”



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