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10th March 2016 17:11

Fanzine set for comeback !!

A little well known fanzine that ran for 6 years from the late 90’s until the play off final with Huddersfield in 2004, is all set for a spectacular return at the start of April.

DejaVu is being returned from beneath the deep blue sea in memory of one of Mansfield Town’s greatest fan servants - Chris Taylor, who sadly passed away last year.

To mark one year since his passing, the fanzine has laid on a coach to be run in Chris’s memory which will be making the trip to Hartlepool and stopping off on its return to Field Mill for everyone to raise a drink for the man who was responsible for getting supporters to and from many away games during his time in charge of the away travel for the supporters club.

Returning to the editors chair will be Michael Norwood who helped churn out 16 issues at the height of the fanzine being forced upon people going to Stags home games.

He helped explain the return of the publication “For me there was only really one way I could commemorate the memory of Chris, he was such a big part of my Stags life from the moment I first stepped onto those away coaches, he inspired me in the first place to start up the fanzine, and helped along the way through various avenues. It was a clear choice to do a special edition in his memory.”

“This is a brand new issue of the fanzine, not made up with re-hashed articles or anything, all the content has been freshly written and it was a reminder on those long nights just what is involved with putting a fanzine together”.

“For the first time ever, we are going to print in full colour, and at a cost to myself the issue will be complimentary to anyone going on the trip to Hartlepool. This was never about running an issue to stand outside the gates of Field Mill and sell the thing, it is a limited edition copy to remember a true gent who touched so many lives following this football club. As you can imagine, the issue is strictly limited however it will become available for download also, soon after the Hartlepool trip has been and gone.”

So the inevitable question to Michael would be, is this a truly one off edition or will more be to follow, as fanzine’s not only have become a thing of the past at the Stags, but are also on the slide nationwide “You can never say never, but the plan is for a truly a one off edition, I have no further plans to bring back a printed edition, a few people might get upset anyway with the content in this edition but I wanted a no holds barred feel, we have become too politically correct these days anyway, so I am not sure how long our humour would last in the present climate.” “We may do something else longer term, but we’ll see what reaction this edition get’s before making any rash calls.” Michael concluded.

If you aren’t making the trip to Hartlepool, details will be released soon on how to get hold of what will be a much sought after copy of the fanzine.


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