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19th February 2015 10:41

Monday 9 February 2015

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A big crowd is already here for An Evening With John & Carolyn. We'll have updates throughout the evening.
PHOTO: Good evening from The Sandy Pate Sports Bar for tonight's 'An Evening With'. Just a few minutes until we begin
We're almost ready to begin. Approximately 100 fans here for the event. #stags
Mark Stevenson confirms that striker @Hearnz10 will be the guest for next week's 'An Evening With' in the @SandyPateBar.
Chairman John Radford and CEO Carolyn Radford receive a warm welcome as they enter the room and take to the stage.
The duo watch a highlights reel of their time at the club so far.
Chairman John Radford picks out @Matt10Green's goal at Hereford as the best moment of his reign. For Carolyn, it's winning promotion.

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Mr Radford re-iterates his ambition to take the club to the Championship, but says his immediate aim is for us to establish ourselves in L2.
Mr Radford also says another of his big aims is to get our training facilities, specifically Woburn Lane, sorted.
Mr Radford calls for support in making Woburn Lane happen. He believes that with this training facility, Adam Murray can take the club far.
PHOTO: Tonight's guests @JRadfordMTFC & @CarolynRadford speak about their ambitions for the future of the Club
Mr Radford: "I've owned Woburn Lane now for a year-and-a-half. It's frustrating that things aren't happening because of 'red tape' issues."
Mr Radford also confirms that he has no immediate plans to redevelop the Bishop Street stand.
Mr Radford says Adam Murray will be a fantastic manager for this football club and he is 'very much a winner'.
Mr Radford says during his time at the club, he has learned to become 'considered' in his key decisions, and not reactive to pressure.
Mrs Radford says until she and our chairman have taken the club as far as they can, they don't intend on going anywhere.
We've now reached a mid-session interval in An Evening With John & Carolyn. Q&A session to follow after a 10-minute break.
PHOTO @JRadfordMTFC @CarolynRadford confirm they both manage their own Social Media accounts despite recent reports
Chairman John Radford and CEO Carolyn Radford are back on the stage to answer questions from supporters.
Mr Radford reveals that a new scoreboard will be in place for next season, which has come from Wembley Stadium.
The scoreboard may also be in use before the end of this season.
PHOTO: It's Q&A time now with questions coming from tonight's audience in the @sandypatebar
Q) Where will be in five years time?
A) Mr Radford: It depends on a lot of things. We feel that within five years, we could make it to the Championship, but we need your support
A) ... If we haven't already been to the Championship, we certainly hope to be on our way there.
Q) Could there be any signings during the loan window?
A) It's something that myself and Adam Murray will have to discuss, but if we're fighting for something, he has my support.
Mr Radford is now answering questions on stewarding and ticketing issues.
Mr Radford: "Stewarding is a hard job and they do it to the best of their ability, but there is always room for improvement."
Q) Was selling Sam Clucas the right thing to do?
A) Sam Clucas wasn't getting games, the style wasn't suiting him and his contract was up in the summer, so it was the right thing to do.
Q) What is it like owning a football club?
A) It means you either have a really good weekend or a really bad one. You're either really gutted or delighted. When we win it's fantastic.
Q) What is your best XI during your time at the club?
A) Mr Radford: I'll have a think and post it on my Facebook page at a later time. There have been some really good players.
Q) What has been your best signing during your time at the club?
A) I'd say Matt Green. He scored a lot of goals and did really well for us.
Mr Radford confirms that changing rooms for the 3G pitch is something that has been discussed at board level.
It may happen, but it's not something that will take place in the immediate future.
Q) Where would you like the club to be in two years time?
A) Mr Radford: I'd like to think that we'll be up at least another division.
Q) Are you happy with the facilities in the Ian Greaves (Upper) Stand?
A) We're improving facilities throughout the stadium. We intend to improve all areas by the end of next season.
Q) Will Matt Green be returning to the club?
A) Matt Green and Adam Murray, our manager, are very good friends.
That's it, folks. The full video from tonight's event will be available to Stags Player subscribers in due course at http://www.player.mansfieldtown.net .
PHOTO : Excellent turnout from fans this evening, thank you and good night.


Other Q&A's not on the twitter feed:

Q: Do you feel you've equipped Adam Murray in this relegation dogfight?

John Radford: I've only said no to Adam Murray on one player that he's asked for. And I said no to Paul Cox quite a few more times than that.

Q: Why do we have the red and white hoops kit?

John Radford: I didn't pick that. I went mad when I saw it said I'd picked it. It was a practical joke on me by some directors.

Q: What are the chances of signing Matt Green?

John Radford: Well he's good friends with Adam Murray...


from matchday programme vs Luton:



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